30 Nov 2016

Morning Visitors

I heard these guys in our tree the other morning.
One of the rainbow lorikeets looking shyly at me
What'cha pointing at me, mate?

Well, ok. Here's my good side.
And a few mornings ago, I awoke to this fellow outside my bedroom window.
Now that it's nearly summer, there was enough light for the photo at 6:25 am.
His underside - probably not the better side!
 Sadly, a little later, I forgot he was there and walked into his web, destroying it.  Hopefully he did another,  and didn't go hungry that night because of me!

Finally, for my friends in tropical climes, here are a few shots of our native frangipani (Google tells me, it's not related to the ones we know.)
It's a tall tree in our backyard, and flowered prolifically a few weeks ago.
Some flower buds

24 Nov 2016

Oi! Finally.

Last April I took part in a crowdfunding venture to fund a newly designed bicycle bell called "Oi".

The bell was supposed to be manufactured and then delivered by July this year.

There was delay upon delay; reports of manufacturing problems, bad batches of bells and then, when first delivered, unhappy customers who said their bells were duds or not loud enough, or rang with every bump in the road.

Mine finally reached me in early November ( I had ordered 2; a black one for Son No 1, and a copper coloured one for myself).
The box was a little scratched, but the contents were fine.
Side view.  I'm quite pleased with the way it looks on my bars.
Front View
View from the saddle
For me, there are no complaints.  It works well, looks good.   A black one would have looked less prominent on the black handlebar (which was what Son No 1 wanted) but I couldn't resist the copper colour.
It worked out well for me, but I have looked at some projects on Kickstarter where supporters have waited over three years and delivery is still outstanding!

14 Nov 2016

Warmer Weather Water Fun

Finally, our spring is getting a little warmer, and it has seen our two grandsons start to play with water.

Firstly Grandson R decided to wash his trucks.
Filling his bucket

A good rinse

More water needed!
 Then, the other day, Grandson B came and decided to help Grandma water her roses.
Not looking where he's watering

Watering the foliage will give Grandma C's roses black spot fungal problems!

And, of course, he got me wet!

7 Nov 2016

One Down, One To Go!

I had cataract surgery last Thursday.

It was done under local anesthetic, with a sedative also administered.  I was fully conscious and did not feel anything except, right at the end, a sharp pain, as if something was being pulled out from my eye.  That only lasted a minute or so.

The following day, at the doctor's surgery, I met with a couple of the other patients who had the same operation done.  One of them said he went out like a light upon administration of the sedative.  The other said that while he was awake during the procedure, he fell asleep on reaching home and did not wake till the next morning.

Nothing like that happened to me; perhaps I was a bit under-sedated!

Home from the hospital
Grandma C, of course, has had cataract surgery on both her eyes in the early '80s, when she was in her mid-thirties.

At the time of her first surgery, intraocular lenses were relatively new, and her surgeon was reluctant to implant one in her eye as he thought that she was very young and that the long-term reliability of such lenses had yet to be tested.

At her second operation, he favoured the technique of shaping a donated cornea into a lens and grafting it onto hers, in what is called a keratoplasty.

We have since found out that this is not done much anymore, and the use of the intraocular lens is universal.  Unfortunately for Grandma C, her surgeon backed the wrong horse.

The morning after my surgery, the vision in my operated eye (the left one) was very good.

When I compared it to the vision in my right eye, it quickly became apparent how bad my eyesight was.

The new eye saw things brighter and sharper, while my right eye was seeing with a slight yellow colour cast.

I thought that the best way to show the difference in vision between my eyes is to do this illustration.   
The right eye is fuzzier and slightly yellow
While removal of the cataract has improved my vision, Dr Google tells me that some studies indicate cataract surgery can accelerate the progress of my Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD), which I have in both eyes.

I guess I'll just have to enjoy my vision while I can, and hope to expire before my eyes do.

How's that for positive thinking?

1 Nov 2016

Molly's Magpie Adventure

Springtime in Perth is not without its dangers.

Nesting birds can get aggressive and attack passers-by.

Chief amongst these are the magpies, but honeyeaters and even the tiny willy wagtails will have a go at you.

Here's a newspaper report, with  a video of swooping magpies to give you an idea of what it's like.   There are even websites where you can log an attack and warn others.

I've had them attack me many times when I used to cycle commute (back in the bad old days when I had to work), and sadly, there's been a few cases where children have lost an eye to these magpies.

The other morning, I was taking Zhaan and Molly (Son No 2 and his wife's dogs) out for a walk in the local footy oval.

It started nicely enough.   Quite unusually, we hear a bloke practising his flute, and little Molly went to have a look.
The flautist seemed a little concerned at Molly's approach.
Seeing she posed no danger, he resumed playing.
As we continued on our walk, there was a swoosh over my right shoulder and through my viewfinder, I could see that Molly was ready for the magpie attack.
The magpie was heading for Zhaan, but Molly was ready for it.
The incident caught me on the hop, and my focus was all over the place.
Brave little Molly engaging the magpie in a skirmish.
Well done, Molly.  The magpie retreats.
Molly - the heroine of the day.