11 Jul 2017

Running Dogs

Now, that's a political slur not much heard these days.

Zhaan and Molly spent a fortnight with us while Son No 2 and wife went on holiday.

While I was walking them one day, I realised I hadn't tried my hand a panning shots of moving objects since the 70s, and the following day, took a little camera out on our walk.

Here are the results.
Zhaan, at 1/15 sec

1/30 sec gives a better result
I like to think of this blooper as an abstract piece - entitled "Running Dogs"! ;-)
Portrait of Molly
Furless Grandchild B got baptised, and Grandma C made him this cake:
I love the antique look
A bit of sad news now.

Poor Zhaan (now 10 years old) is very ill.  She has a leaking heart valve and is very sick.  We're about to go visit her soon.

21 Jun 2017

Google Saved My Pants (And Dignity)!

In the frozen fish section of our local Chinese grocery the other day, I saw a nice cut of fish labelled "Escolar Butterfish" about 600 gm in size.

I've never heard of this fish before and decided to get it.
600 gms of potential diarrhea
Fried it up a few days ago for dinner, and just before eating I decided to google "escolar butterfish" as I'd never heard of it before.

Just as well I did.

I found out that it's a beautifully tasty fish, buttery in the mouth (hence it's name) but banned in Italy and Japan.

Went into a bit of a panic, as the Japanese even enjoy the poisonous Fugu fish!

What happens is, partaking of more than 170 gms of this delicious  fish will result in sudden, explosive, uncontrollable orange coloured diarrhea.  Not to mention oily discharges from time to time.

And I was planning to have at least 300 grams of it!

Well, we consumed about 100 gms of it each and all went well.  And so, that fish lasted quite a few days for us.

12 Jun 2017

He's Three Now

Grandson B turned 3 a few weeks ago, and for this occasion Grandma C baked him a fire engine cake as his favourite character is Fireman Sam.

Yes, that's little Grandson B himself driving the fire engine.
And here's the front view:
Note Fireman Sam on his T-shirt.  It wasn't planned, just serendipitous.
Grandma C got his photos printed by a professional cake printing company.

Out of curiosity, I looked for cake printers on eBay and found you can buy them for a reasonable price.
Under $400 for an A3 printer.
Grandson B, however, still shows no interest in learning how to talk.  He understands everyone perfectly, but seems to have no desire to reach out with words.

He is very expressive in other ways, however, as these pictures show.

2 Jun 2017

Our Annual Bounty

Autumn has passed, and we're now 2 days into winter.

Last week I wandered into the backyard and discovered that the oranges on our tree had ripened.
I filled our laundry basked with them and in the basket alone, there were 70 oranges; a far cry from the days when the tree would only bear 2 or 3 oranges a year.

Counting those I had eaten earlier, and the many others eaten by the birds, I would say this tree has produced close to 90 oranges this year.

We also left a few oranges on for the birds.

Some time ago, when I blogged about the Straits Settlements currency, I did say I'd continue with some of the others that I found.

I won't bore you all with the smaller denominations, but here's a Japanese occupation note for a thousand dollars.
While trying to establish the current value of this note, I discovered that the one I have is a relatively common one, as shown by the red letters "MU" on the front of the note.

There is a rarer version which has black letters "MA" instead of the red "MU", and if you have this one in mint condition, it's worth about RM3,300.

And the one I have?  Found it on eBay:
Finally here's a pic of our orange tree I took in 2000, when it was tiny and hadn't yet produced any fruit.

21 May 2017

The Sand Dunes at Lancelin

I just thought I'd post some pictures I took the other day when we were in Lancelin.  We took a little drive to where the sand dunes are, as Grandma C hadn't seen them before.

I, however, had been to the dunes and did some sand boarding there well over twenty years ago.
Unfortunately, there is nothing in here to show the scale of the dunes.  They are massive.
The dunes are shaped by the prevailing winds and have a steep drop on the lee side.  The windward side is gentler.
You can hire dune buggies to explore the dunes or use your own 4WD.  Accidents do happen and sometimes vehicles do fall down the steeper side with disastrous consequences.
This is the view that greeted us when we arrived.
Here's a shot of some people enjoying sandboarding.  I remember doing it on a piece of cardboard.
In the picture above, the wind took the hat of one of these girls and dropped it halfway down the steep side of the dune.  It was very steep, almost cliff-like  to me.  This young fella managed to clamber down and retrieve it for her.
Grandma C with Molly
And Son No 2 followed with Zhaan.  The dogs enjoyed the dunes.