21 May 2017

The Sand Dunes at Lancelin

I just thought I'd post some pictures I took the other day when we were in Lancelin.  We took a little drive to where the sand dunes are, as Grandma C hadn't seen them before.

I, however, had been to the dunes and did some sand boarding there well over twenty years ago.
Unfortunately, there is nothing in here to show the scale of the dunes.  They are massive.
The dunes are shaped by the prevailing winds and have a steep drop on the lee side.  The windward side is gentler.
You can hire dune buggies to explore the dunes or use your own 4WD.  Accidents do happen and sometimes vehicles do fall down the steeper side with disastrous consequences.
This is the view that greeted us when we arrived.
Here's a shot of some people enjoying sandboarding.  I remember doing it on a piece of cardboard.
In the picture above, the wind took the hat of one of these girls and dropped it halfway down the steep side of the dune.  It was very steep, almost cliff-like  to me.  This young fella managed to clamber down and retrieve it for her.
Grandma C with Molly
And Son No 2 followed with Zhaan.  The dogs enjoyed the dunes.

2 May 2017

Time for a Commercial Break

Woke up the other Saturday morning to find on Facebook that Son No 1 had started his journey home from Florida where he had been working the three weeks prior, missing out on Easter with his family.
Of course, his flight wasn't as direct as that, as he had to make several connections.  I think in the end it took even longer than predicted as he missed one connection!

Son No 2 then arrived a little later, with his dogs Zhaan and Molly, and asked if we wanted to spend the weekend at his holiday home in Lancelin (about 130 km north of Perth), as he had several chores to do there.

OK - so here's the only advertisement this blog has ever had, a shameless plug for my son's property which is available for short term holiday accomodation.

The Facebook page of the house is here, and, if you're ever inclined to visit Lancelin (pop. 600), you can book accomodation here.

People visit Lancelin mainly to go fishing and also to go 4-wheel driving on the large expanse of sand dunes, or go sand boarding there.   You can also visit the spectacular Pinnacles, which is not too far away.

As for us, we had a relaxing weekend with the dogs Zhaan and Molly, while Son No 2 completed his chores.

I also went to fly my drone, as the property has a large backyard adjacent to undeveloped bush.  Plenty of space with few people to bother.

I did lose control of the drone and Son No 2 had to run out into the bush to try and see where it landed whilst I kept it hovering as long as I could.

We did recover it in the end.

25 Apr 2017


We felt like having a country drive the other day and remembered that we had long heard of this place called Gnomesville, but had never taken the trouble to go there.

A quick at Google maps showed us that Gnomesville lay in the beautiful Ferguson Valley, about midway between the coastal town of Bunbury and the coal mining town of Collie, east of it.

About 180 km south of Perth, it took us 2 hours or so to get there.

There were thousands of these gnomes placed in this little wooded area by individuals and all kinds of social and sporting groups.
A little signboard gives the origin of this place.
Here are some of the many whimsical displays scattered throughout the place.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


17 Apr 2017

Grandson R's Birthday

Grandson R's 6th birthday fell close to Easter, and Grandma C decided to combine the two celebrations.

For his cake, she got a soccer ball Easter Egg, cut a hole in it and filled it with little eggs.  The ball was then resealed and placed on a cake.

In essence, it was to be a pinata cake and Grandma C made little icing hammers for the grandchildren to smash the ball with.

The icing hammers weren't tough enough for the job, so Grandson R resorted to an ice cream scoop!
The ice cream scoop did the trick!
After the cake, the kids wanted to blow bubbles.
Grandson B couldn't blow hard enough to generate bubbles, and Grandma had to help.

Grandson B decided that if he couldn't blow his own bubbles, he could chase them down!

28 Mar 2017

A Trip Down Monetary Lane

We found an envelope, the other day, containing old currency, which appear to have been a collection belonging to my father.

It is by no means a complete collection, and the old notes themselves are not in mint condition.   Most are worn, and some have burn marks (he was a smoker, after all!).

This 1935 note is the oldest in the collection.  Portrait is that of George V, who died the following year.

Curious as to its current value, I searched for it in eBay.

Quite a variation in value, depending on the quality, I would imagine.

This 1940 issue is interesting in that the reverse side is blank.  The portrait of King George VI on a bank note is somehow in my memory.

That is probably because he ruled till his death in 1952 and currency with his portrait would have been around in my early childhood.

The previous regent (on the $1 above), King George V, I cannot remember ever seeing at all on currency or stamps.

Finally, this one:
And the corresponding eBay entry:

There are a few more (will post some time in the future) from the Japanese occupation and the early 60's.

On another note (pun intended), here's a little newspaper article I found a week or two ago regarding the yucca.  If correct, I can look forward to the yucca flowering next year.