17 Feb 2017

More On The Drone

A couple of readers emailed me to say that the video in my last post did not portray the actual drone itself.  I had intended to include a photo of the drone, but, maybe due to my age, completely forgot to do it.

I still haven't taken a picture of my drone, but for those of you still curious about it, it's website is here.

Here, however, is a video (by Grandma C) of me flying the drone.  It may look like I was in complete control, but I can assure you I was not.  The wind, I think, was blowing the drone to the left of screen, towards the trees; and I was keeping the drone lower down so as not to get it caught up in the higher branches, as I am in no condition to climb trees!

The durian coffee also generated some interest and I have actually found that Grandma C did purchase another brand of that delightful drink, when last in Singapore.
This one states that it is a "3 in 1" coffee, whereas the one in my previous post was a "4 in 1".   They both tasted about the same, though.
What the missing ingredient is in this one, I don't know; probably just another carcinogenic chemical!

6 Feb 2017

Droning On

So last Christmas, I was given a drone. 

I think the family has great difficulty deciphering what I want and I do tend to get some strange gifts.
Here's a look at some of the early flights I tried making.
The first of February was the first day of the school year and for Grandson R, it was his very first day at real school, having been in kindy the past couple of years.

Here he is with big sister.
And finally, I discovered a great drink when I was last in Singapore. 

It was, I found out, my late mother's favourite drink and now I happily drink it for her.
I love durians, but don't usually care for durian-related products.  This one, though, is exceptionally good (to my taste, at least).  Available in Singapore, I learnt, at the NTUC supermarkets, and I brought a few bags home with me.

Now to look for it in the local Chinese groceries here in Perth!

27 Jan 2017

Christmas Lights (... and yes, I'm very late!!!)

What a start to the year we've had!

First was the trip to Singapore to visit sick rellies, then eye surgery for me, and then, a return trip to Singapore as the people we visited (my mother and Grandma C's uncle) both passed away within days of each other.  Thanks to our friends who visited or sent messages of condolence.  Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated

I think I've done my share of flying for this year!


For many years, there has been a growing trend for Perthites to light up their homes for Christmas, and Son No 1 and wife have been driving their kiddies round to see these homes.

Last Christmas, they opted  to take their kiddies on a boat ride to see the decorations of homes along the Mandurah (a little town about 70 km south of Perth) canal development.

Grandma C and I tagged along.
I'm afraid, though, that's about the only picture I took but it gives you an idea of what the decorations look like.
Earlier on, before the boat ride commenced, these sculptural picture frames proved to be very popular not only with the children but also adults of all age.
Little Grandson B, of course, strutted about like he owned the place, and kept everyone busy trying to prevent him from falling into the water.
Finally, dinner was at the well known Cicellero's Fish and Chips.

14 Jan 2017

The Other Eye

The new year started off in a very busy way for us, with events conspiring to keep me off the world wide web for quite a few days.

One of the things we did was to make an unforeseen and quick trip to Singapore to visit a couple of gravely ill relatives.

Apologies to my healthy friends for not contacting them, as we did not stay long, having to return to Perth in time for my second cataract operation.
Happy to be on-line again!
About the only thing we managed to do in Singapore was to spend a very enjoyable few hours at the National Gallery.   We'll have to visit there again, as our time was way too short.
More on the Gallery in a future post.

22 Dec 2016

Playing With Fire

Last winter, I came across Grandson R collecting fallen twigs from our Chinese tallow tree and putting them in a pile so that he could have a pretend campfire.

So I came along and said "Why have a pretend one?  Let's have a real one!"

And I set fire to his pile of twigs.

He enjoyed the fire, but I didn't realise how much.

The next time he came, he went round collecting twigs again, and when Grandma C asked why, he said "So granddad can set fire to them!"

When I went in to get my matches, he ran off and returned with his fireman's helmet on.  He was going to hose down the fire like a real fireman.

This little activity of his suddenly reminded me of a little psychological phenomenon we have here of arsonists joining the volunteer fire brigade.

There has been quite a few cases of arsonists lighting bush fires, which are terribly dangerous in our hot dry climate, and these fires can spread and threaten property and even lives. 

These firebugs then join the fire team and seek heroic status in fighting these fires they themselves have started. 

I haven't made cinemagraphs for quite a while.   My last one was here, showing a much younger Grandson R.

This fire fetish of his gave me the opportunity to do another one: